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Mountains on My Mind

I've had mountains on my mind a good deal this last week.

The majestic, breathtaking variety, not the looming journey kind...

They creep into my mind like a fog over water, clouding my concentration and reminding me of days lived, and those envisioned.

I stopped at one point to try and figure out why this kept happening, as mountains and zoom calls tend not to blend.

I realised that if I my mind didn't create those moments spontaneously, I would break under the weight of everything else.

The pressure to perform and achieve; be prepared and plan ahead, is relentless and pervading. I'm sure that most people I've had contact with recently could relate.

I cannot believe that this is the sum of our existence.

With no detraction from the necessity of income and goals, is it really true that the drive to create something temporary, or even a legacy for our children, is life enough?

As such, I have chosen to let those mountains become part of the literal scenery of my life.

I choose to create freedom for the people I work with to allow their 'mountains' to materialise in their lives.

Business and legacy goals intact, AS WELL AS sanity and peace, are achievable when we have the wherewithall to give ourselves the space to actually live.

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