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Business Support Solutions

Here is where our true passion lies! 
Share your vision - what purpose drives your business and what makes you profit?

Allow us to support you to disseminate that strategy and feed each aspect into the fabric of your day-to-day business processes.
From back-end administrative support, to brainstorming, planning and initiating new ventures - see your purpose-led concepts become a reality.

Allow your business to thrive with you at the helm and able to devote yourself to what you do best.

Bus Supp sol

Day-to-Day Admin.

At the heart of every business, outstanding customer service and smooth processes are absolutely vital.
However, the 'nitty gritties' of keeping up with client enquiries and sifting through emails, will always detract from your core business.

Choose a package to suit the hours you want to save, or go with adhoc rates and we will handle all the processes that interfere with what keeps you fulfilled and growing the business. 

  • Email management

  • Diary management

  • Software & CRM integration

  • Proofreading & document editing

  • Audio and Video transcription

  • Minute taking & formatting

  • Forms & contract formatting

  • Customer liaison

  • Invoicing

  • Powerpoint/presentation creation

  • Spreadsheet building

  • Supplier /order/ invoice follow-ups

  • Stock management

  • Business communications

Day-to-day Admin

You have the brand.

You know what you want to portray.

You have your 60-second pitch nailed.

Achieving brand recognition, networking, and finding new clients through digital marketing and all its dynamics takes hard work and consistency.

Creating and maintaining the 'vibe' and engagement you envision, is right up our street.

  • Social media audit & guidance

  • Social media platform setup

  • Social media engagement

  • Bespoke connections growth

  • Personalised networking

  • Website 'tweaks' and page additions

  • Post creation and scheduling

  • Blog writing

  • Newsletter creation & distribution

  • Webinar/workshop assistance

Project / Event Oversight

Bespoke planning, initiation and oversight of projects and events.

The goal is to see your concepts come to life and achieve the impact you've imagined.

That does not have to mean dramatic deviation from what you and your team already have on your plates.


Choose how much or how little support you require and be assured of consistent feedback and updates.

  • Project planning, initiation & oversight

  • Events planning and support

  • High-level business strategy planning

  • Market research

  • Investment research

  • Database development

  • CSR/ESG insights and implementation

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