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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I tied into a long contract?

No. Obviously, the ideal scenario is that we get on famously, and you are more than satisfied with the services you receive!

However, should this not be the case, we ask for at least 2 week's notice in which to finalise any outstanding work and arrange a smooth and hassle-free handover for both of us.

You will only be billed for the hours worked over that period, and any subsequent hours you may need will be invoiced separately.

See our full Terms and Conditions for more information.

How do we come to an agreement if we are not meeting in person?

After your initial contact, we will schedule a time to have an in-depth discussion of your requirements, strategies, business policies and standard procedures.

We discuss the systems you use, and the issues you are facing. 

We will agree a course of action to suit your needs and budget.

After this conversation - by telephone or Zoom, etc. - you will receive a Contract Form clarifying all the points discussed and the finer details of how the arrangement is to work, including Quality standards, how to cancel, etc. You will also receive the full Terms and Conditions, which you can find HERE.

Once you have had a chance to thoroughly read through and accept these details, sign and return the Contract, and we will begin!

Depending on the agreed package, your first retainer payment or deposit may be also be required before work commences.

How does a Virtual Receptionist answer my calls? 

Do I need a separate number?

The answer is no!

The process is not hard, or complicated, and you DO NOT need to change your phone number.
Set up within a couple of hours, a divert number will be provided, and this number is exclusive to you.
It connects your phone number with the call answering system so that your calls can be answered when you are not available.
Calls are answered in your own name, as if the person answering the call was in your office.

How do I know if my business is Purpose-led?

The brief answer is that you will have a FOR-profit business, whose purpose for existing is greater than your core business or profit. 

You will be using your business to bring about change in, or raise awareness to, societal or environmental issues. 

Don't stress though!

We all start somewhere, and using our core skills, whilst making a profit, AND an impact, is MORE than possible at any stage. 

It gives us daily motivation, promotes staff engagement, encourages customer loyalty, and plays a part in making the world a better place! 

What could be better?!

For a good deal more info, click HERE

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