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The Island of 'Leadership'...

Growing up and indeed, well into my adult life, the perception given by those in leadership was that the goal was to remain aloof and seemingly 'in control.'

When a CEO or Managing Director hit a crisis in their personal life, had a mental breakdown, or worse, everyone was horrified....but remained at a distance! That person would very likely lose their position in society, and more often than not, did not resurface in that industry.

Looking back - what a horrible culture to perpetuate!

While I realise that there are undoubtedly times to remain task-oriented, eyes-on-the-goal, etc. I am so grateful that we are in a period of history where the value of human life and need for connection, and the reality of stress and mental health, are so prominent.

In my mind, balance is absolutely vital.

No one, in leadership or otherwise, can be completely consumed by goals OR by their mental state, and stay in a 'good place' for very long.

To this end, spending time with others you can relate to, collaborate with, and who recognise and uplift our individual worth, is essential!

Yes, even now, as we struggle to find a new sense of what normal is, regaining genuine connection with other people is key.

Spending concentrated time with those who will be honest with us, point out our strengths and aid us in our areas of weakness must be part of our plan - both on a personal level, and in business. AND, we must be brave enough to hear them, weigh up truth vs perception, and step into the changes necessary to continue to mature and develop.

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