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Plans & Pricing.

Choose a Plan to Suit Your Needs

Each plan is designed and discussed specifically to suit your needs ~ in terms of the work to be completed, the costs involved, and the heart put into each aspect.

Package Rate of £560 per month **

This is the 'ideal' package we would suggest for small to medium sized businesses, ready to push forward. 

You are free to concentrate on your core business and income-generating activities.

The Knight Shift Team can  flexibly invest our time and abilities into working with you, and your team, to implement the strategy and vision you have in mind.

** Works out at 15-20 hours per month consistently... You'd be surprised what can be accomplished by a VA in this amount of time!

The flexibility of this package means a member of the team can be present  for staff meetings, brainstorming sessions, customer engagement, assistance with content creation and Linkedin growth, as well as day-to-day admin support.

It alleviates concerns over time restrictions and additional billable hours on months that require more input - campaigns; strategy-building, etc. 

Within reason, we become another member of your team, working remotely to see your purpose-driven brand, thrive.

** Initially, we begin with a timed, 2-week trial period (paid in advance).

This ensures we are confident that working together and the Package Rate is best for both of us.


Retainer hours Pay in advance for a cost-effective way to ensure all your needs are met. Charged on a decreasing scale and timed to the minute:

​                             10 hours a month ~ £ 300

                          20 hours a month ~ £ 600

                          30 hours a month ~ £ 840

                          40 hours a month ~ £ 1,000

​​Adhoc hours are charged at £30 per hour.

These hours are timed and charged to the minute using time-tracking software, with a 1-hour minimum.

Special Offers.

Subject to availability.

From £0.95 per minute.


Standard service ~ £0.95 per audio minute
Weekend / Urgent 24 Hour service ~ £1.25 per audio minute

From £45

Newsletters - Vibrant, emailed updates, expressing the heart and vision of your brand

You create the articles, I will ensure your followers receive them in the best possible light.

 ~ Additional articles added to the mix ~ £10

~ If you require help with content creation, please see 'Adhoc hours rate' and we can discuss your needs.



  • Up to 3 articles

  • Formatting

  • Proofreading

  • Link checks

  • Send to mailing list

Not Standard

  • Up to 3 articles

  • Formatting

  • Proofreading

  • Link insertion and checks

  • Graphic insertion

  • Send to mailing list

from £75

  • Up to 3 articles

  • Full design from scratch

  • Branding placement

  • Formatting

  • Proofreading

  • Link insertion and checks

  • Graphic insertion

  • Send to mailing list

  • Timed to the minute

£280 per month.

Virtual Reception / Tradesman's Package

A perfect solution to the vital customer service that threatens to take you away from your core business each day.

This package includes the following:

~ Diary management - booking, quotation visits, confirmations and adjustments, reminders, etc.

~ Call handling* - weekdays, 9am - 6pm, transfers and message-taking; monthly reports.

~ Enquiry follow-ups - phone, email, or social media platforms.

~ Social media - weekly/monthly updates for brand awareness and customer engagement

~ Payment reminders - professional & friendly

~ Communications - invoice and estimate send-outs, replies to emails, quotation follow-ups, etc.

* Up to 50 calls incoming or outgoing, on your behalf, in your business name and tone. VOIP line setup is client's expense.

** See T's & C's for full contract terms

Services will be timed to the minute.

If/When services rendered consistently begin to exceed 12 hours per month, the offer will be reviewed with you. 

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