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"A Word to the Wise..."

Laurie is a delight to work with. She is totally comfortable with social media and how to get the best from it. Her easy going approach makes working with her a mutually rewarding experience.

June Whiteman   
Virtually There

Laurie is a pleasure to work with and is able to take tasks, use her initiative and run with them to completion. So great not to have to micromanage and know what I need doing will be undertaken to a high standard.

Joanne Moore

CEO - Accommodation Concern

I have worked with Laurie for the last few months and I can whole heartedly say NO ONE I have ever worked with has ever been as hard working, creative and productive as Laurie. She is a pleasure to talk to, creative enough to bounce business ideas off and has done wonders for my business.

Phil Airson
PMA Life Coaching

My experience working with Laurie, is that she is passionate and committed to her work. She enjoys seeing a project through to a successful completion and aims to fulfil her client's aims.

Dr Tristan Harris

I have watched Laurie perform well under pressure, and build relationships with the most awkward of people. She is honest and expects perfection from herself. I would trust her to run with any task I had in mind.

One of Laurie's strengths is the ability to plan and initiate projects. She is able to focus on the big picture as well as demonstrating attention to detail. Laurie is a 'people-person' with very strong communication skills.

Vanessa Knight
Office Manager
Eden Centre

Laurie has been a tremendous help to me in optimizing LinkedIn. I will continue to value her assistance on an ongoing basis. She has wealth of experience that she can share.

Roger Gallow

Business Development Manager

Constançon Currencies

I worked with Laurie Knight on various occasions. Her skills in brand developing and business strategy is second to none. She can provide excellent ideas in building your profile and process mapping. I highly recommend her services and advice.

Altus Laubscher

Supply Chain Consultant

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