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A fascinating chunk of insight to be sure...😉..but for some, it may be a good alternative to an awkward Zoom introduction.

I love to get to know the why's and wherefores of each new client, colleague, and new connection. I do not need to feign interest, and it genuinely thrills me to come away knowing some of what makes them who they are and goes into what fills their lives.

Therefore, if you are someone like me - this is that, about me!

The Backdrop.

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa.

That explains my dodgy accent, and some of my mannerisms. It is also the backbone of who I am, and in defining values and beliefs. I first arrived in the UK nearly 18 years ago, and have chosen to build a life for my two daughters and I, in Northamptonshire.

We are proud to be part of a wonderful community that has supported us through many oddities, struggles, quandries and changes! I'd like to think it has been a two-way street, and has lead to many long-term, deep friendships.

We live with another 2 generations of women - my mother, and grandmother - and a semi-crazed rescue dog. He is male. I pity his deteriorating sanity, but we do allow for his need to hide every once in a while. Our neighbours once enjoyed a quiet street. No longer!

Where to Begin.

I began my journey as an entrepreneur and business-owner, after 20 years in admin, project initiation, and health and social care, across a broad spectrum of settings.

I had 3 goals in mind:

~ Provide for my family

~ To be free to use my experiences, skills, and passion

~ To be part of bringing about freedom and change in the lives of those who felt imprisoned by their circumstances

I have always been someone who felt strongly about many causes and injustices, and I have a clear opinion on most things...Much to the pain of family and friends...

However, I envied those who knew, without a doubt, that they had found their calling, and could dedicate their lives and activities to just one!

I needed to pin down what would keep me motivated, engaged, and profitable!

Like many, I began my first business, out of necessity, based on a skillset - mainly through a business advisor suggesting that by starting a charity, I would drive my Trustees batty and soon be unemployed!

Quite soon into my Virtual Assistant journey, I found myself dreading the concept of marketing generic services to 'anyone', merely for profit.

Mentors and friends kept saying to “do what you love!”

For the longest time, my stock answer was, “I don’t know what I love to do!”

Digging deep...

As a person of faith - and after plenty of deliberating and (yes...scanning for interesting jobs) - I knew to eventually come to a place of being ready to 'wait' (not panic), listen (without too many exasperated interruptions), and take just one step towards what I knew 'felt right'. At last, through many a 'serendipitous' circumstance, I came to realise what I love to do! Better yet, I discovered there were many who need what I love to do! ​ I came to see that by choosing to specifically work with purpose-led ventures, I could be a part of a plethora of the causes and passions that make the world just that little bit better.

I work with people and groups that run profitable businesses AND choose to raise awareness and make a difference to social and/or environmental issues. Once you step into this world, you wonder why anyone would choose to do business any other way!

What truly excites me, is learning what these brilliant humans want to do, how they want to do it, and the play my part in making that happen in the BEST possible way for maximum impact and business growth.

Taking off!

Why have I chosen to waffle on about this? Well, I know for a fact that there will be many considering career changes, life changes, etc. that face similar questions of personal purpose and impact. Don't give up!

With having clarified how my contribution can be a significant cog in the wheel of all that is good, I have found that I no longer need to strive to find my own singular cause, or face the drudgery of mindless servitude.

There will also be those that may read this, in hopes that they will find someone to come alongside them, fully embrace the passion they have for the ideas they have - brainstorm and listen, and put in the time on areas that really aren't their forté. Whether we end up working together or not - I can promise you that there ARE people who will do this, and I'd be happy to have an initial chat through 'where you're at'!

Thanks for ploughing on through!

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