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What ACTUALLY is a Virtual Assistant??

To begin with, we are NOT talking about Artificial Intelligence….

When we talk about Virtual Assistants,

we're talking about the outsourced, flesh and blood human behind your

administration salvation!

A Virtual Assistant is someone who works remotely using cloud-based software, performing multiple tasks. That is the ‘virtual’ aspect.

They do not tend to have robotic voices, or send update requests at midnight.

They can, however, manage all of the day-to-day processes that keep a business flowing, leaving you to concentrate on the essence of what makes that business uniquely yours.

A virtual assistant is usually self-employed, or a business-owner themselves,

which makes them perfectly positioned to understand why you do what you do!

They know, firsthand, how much you have invested into your venture and its brand.

They manage all of their own costs, and know the value of their time and resources, as you do yours.

Better yet, most virtual assistants are REALLY well connected.

Meaning, if ever a need arises that they know they are not expertly skilled to conquer, they outsource! If they are worth their salt, this will be by mutual agreement, but rarely will a VA just turn down a task. They are wired to find a solution and determined as you’ll find!

Most Vas are not remote through being against mixing with humanity! Many know that they can be and offer more working outside of one office, for one employer. Many have family circumstances, travel choices, side-projects, etc. that make remote working a better option than daily commutes to far away places, on someone else’s schedule.

That being said, interaction is still vital to them, and a most important value they will strive for, is developing sound, consistent relationships with their clients!

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