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Superhero or Sidekick?

Can you identify these two characters?

Our ebony-haired, determined and smirking heroine is, of course, the glorious Amazonian queen – Wonder Woman!

Our little blonde fella wearing lycra? Turns out that’s Robin…aka Batman and Robin-Robin.

For those of you not familiar (as I was not), these little plastic statuettes of joy, are Weeble Wobble toys. Until the day I acquired the two above, I had never heard of them. But now….!

I am quite possessive of my Weeble Wobbles. They are not just toys, and they are not for general access by the multiple members of my family.

I see mine as a fantastic alternative to stress balls…not least because when you get really frustrated, you can ping them off your desk, and no matter how far they fly, they always land…. on their little round bottoms.

Anyway, the day I learned of Weeble Wobbles, I was sharing a meal in a pub, with a group of friends. Someone had brought along their toddler, and eventually, bored toddler lost patience, and a Weeble Wobble was purchased from a vending machine.

Revelation! I’m really hoping at this point, that at least one other adult reading this understands my excitement over Weeble Wobbles!

I only intended on buying one, as a novelty, and most likely to pass on to one of my children (This never happened).

The first mystery orb that I popped open contained Robin.. NOBODY recognised him. Perhaps it was an age thing, or perhaps we are subconsciously trained to disregard the sidekicks. Eventually we resorted to reading the packaging. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed. What’s Robin without Batman?!

I am not a particular fan of Wonder Woman, or of any fictitious characters, if I’m honest. However, my reaction to Wonder Woman popping out of the second orb was a little more animated!

Fast forward to a few days ago, and my mother and I were discussing a political situation in our home-country, where some well-known activists had been unjustly arrested. The whole situation had been widely publicised, and their plight eloquently communicated with the world.

Just as the with the current movements sweeping the planet, it is the outspoken and supported activist, the business moguls, ground-breaking surgeons, and extraordinary speakers that we all admire and heed.

‘Wonder women’ and ‘Batman’ figures epitomise our standards for inspiration, motivation, self-worth and purpose.

‘Wonder women’ and ‘Batman’ figures epitomise our standards for inspiration, motivation, self-worth and purpose.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, it’s the heroes of old and present that we tell stories of, and encourage our children to emulate or aspire to.

But they are not the first to have stood for a good cause, or defended the rights of the disadvantaged! Many have gone before them. Many whose names we won't remember.

As I sat there, I glanced at my little Weebles side-by-side on the table.

Equal height. Equally balanced and equally ‘ping-able.’ Equal worth.

Why did we belittle Robin?

Did Batman not have full advantage of wealth and support to elevate his learning and his cause?

Wonder Woman was blessed with the gifts of gods, and immortality tends to give you some perspective.

But without the extraordinary commitment and dedication of their ‘sidekicks’ and those that took the time to write and speak of our ‘heroes’ exploits, they too would have been lost to time.

Indeed, even the authors of many biographies are not remembered, despite being the minds gifted enough to take another’s existence and brilliantly manipulate single moments and decisions into a manuscript that captures our imaginations and admiration.

The Elon Musks and Bill Gates, the Tony Robbins and Maya Angleous, the Richard Bransons and Leila Janahs, of this world, have recognised the vital role of their support in their lives and legacies.

Who would interview and write of them? Who would proofread their books? Who would drive their cars and pay for their products, if not their ‘Robins?’

Goodness – even Jesus knew the vital importance of community and disciples to catch the vision and “spread the Word” in a world-changing movement.

How about we take this turning point in the world’s history to recognise the value and worth of the ‘sidekick’ roles that we take for granted.

How about we look at our own sidekick roles in life and business, and recognise them for what they are ~ the concrete and support beams in our heroes’ lives? Equally as vital whether recognised, or not.

Often, we are, in fact, heroes ourselves, simply in disguise!

Perhaps if we take the time to recognise our own worth, abilities and what we contribute here and now as having eternal value, albeit quiet, we too could find ourselves the ‘stuff of legends’ in someone’s epic biography.

Or maybe, you might even end up a favourite Weeble figure one day…

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

If you know you need somewhat of a ‘Robin’ in your business right now, please feel free to give me a call, an email or visit me on Facebook.

I am always happy to talk through which super-powers are best applied and how 😉

I am Laurie.

As a Virtual Assistant, my business is to make your business pain-free.

Search for me on Facebook @KnightShiftVA

Call: 07543 677496


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